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2015 Mets Minor League Preview: Kingsport Mets

The Kingsport Mets will look to build on their 34-34 2014 season

Milton Ramos, one of numerous talented players on the 2015 Kingsport Mets
Milton Ramos, one of numerous talented players on the 2015 Kingsport Mets
Bryan Green

The Kingsport Mets open their season today, Tuesday, June 23, taking on the Johnson City Cardinals in a three-game series split between Hunter Wright Stadium and Howard Johnson Field. Luis Rivera, who served as Kingsport hitting coach in 2011 and as a hitting coordinator with the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2012, 2013, and 2014 will be at the helm in his first season as manager. Jonathan Hurst will be returning for his sixth season as pitching coach, while former outfield prospect Sean Ratliff will be making his minor league coaching debut as Kingsport's hitting coach.


Name B/T Height Weight Age (DOB) 2014 Experience
Almeida, Adrian L/L 6’ 150 20 (2/25/95) RK (GCL)
Becker, Dillon R/R 6’3" 225 21 (4/21/94) NCAA Div II (Angelo State University)
Buchmann,  Connor R/R 6’1" 190 21 (7/11/93) RK (GCL), RK (APPY)
Crismatt, Nabil R/R 6’1" 200 20 (12/25/94) RK (GCL)
Davis,  Seth L/L 5’10" 185 22 (5/08/93) NCAA Div III (Augustana College)
Feliz, Gabriel L/L 5’11" 160 22 (11/12/92) RK (GCL)
German,  Audry R/R 5’11" 160 22 (8/16/92) RK (GCL). RK (APPY)
Gonzalez,  Harol R/R 6’ 160 20 (3/2/95) FRK (DOSL)
Haggard,  Witt R/R 6’2" 205 23 (12/09/91) NCAA Div II (Della State University)
Henry,  Taylor L/L 6’2" 185 21 (7/06/93) NCAA Div III (Centenary College)
Ingram,  Chase R/R 6’3" 190 20 (4/17/95) NJCAA Div I (Hillsborough Community College)
Jaquez,  Ricardo R/R 5’9" 160 22 (5/6/93) DNP (Restricted List)
Manoah,  Erik R/R 6’2" 215 19 (12/22/95) RK (GCL)
McIlraith,  Thomas R/R 6’4" 185 21 (2/17/94) NJCAA (Midland College)
Nuez,  Yoryi R/R 6’1" 150 22 (2/13/93) RK (APPY)
Ramos,  Darwin R/R 6’2" 195 19 (11/23/95) RK (GCL)
Shaw,  Joseph R/R 6’5" 215 21 (12/20/93) NCAA Div I (Dallas Baptist University)


Name B/T Height Weight Age (DOB) 2014 Experience
Knight, Darryl R/R 6’2" 220 22 (2/26/93) RK (GCL)
Mazeika,  Patrick L/R 6’2" 220 21 (10/14/93) NCAA Div I (Stetson University)
Rodriguez,  Dionis R/R 6’ 180 20 (2/15/95) RK (GCL)
Ramos,  Natanael R/R 5’10" 170 22 (9/19/93) RK (GCL)


Name B/T Height Weight Age (DOB) 2014 Experience
Canelon,  Leon R/R 5’11" 150 23 (9/10/91) RK (APPY)
Carpio,  Luis R/R 6’ 165 17 (7/11/97) FRK (DOSL)
Marte,  Santo R/R 5’9" 170 21 (9/30/93) RK (GCL)
Ortega,  Luis R/R 5’10" 190 22 (4/05/93) RK (APPY)
Ramos,  Milton R/R 5’11" 160 19 (10/26/95) RK (GCL)
Valencia,  Gregory R/R 6’3" 185 22 (3/19/93) RK (GCL)
Winningham,  Dash L/L 6’2" 230 19 (10/11/95) RK (GCL)


Name B/T Height Weight Age (DOB) 2014 Experience
Berrios,  Arnaldo S/R 5’9" 175 19 (1/15/96) RK (GCL)
Figuera,  Jose R/R 6’2" 180 22 (6/10/93) RK (GCL Mets),  RK (GCL)
Kaczmarski,  Kevin L/R 6’ 190 23 (12/31/91) NCAA Div I (University of Evansville)
Marquez,  Bradley R/R 6’1" 185 22 (12/14/92) DNP (Restricted List)
Ramirez,  Raphael L/L 5’11" 175 19 (12/15/95) RK (GCL)
Rojos,  Hengelbert R/R 6’1" 190 21 (10/27/93) RK (GCL)

Players to watch

Signed for $300,000, Luis Carpio was named the 30th best prospect during the 2013-2014 International Signing Period. An athletic player with a line-drive swing, good glove, strong work ethic, and hard-nosed style of play, the Venezuelan middle infielder will be the youngest member of the Kingsport Mets. Will his advanced tools allow him to hang with older players or does the soon-to-be 18-year-old need more time with competition his own age?

Within 30 minutes of going undrafted, Bradley Marquez signed as a rookie free agent. What makes his signing interesting? The team that signed him wasn't the Mets. The team he signed with wasn't even a baseball team. Marquez signed with the St. Louis Rams. The wide receiver is still a member of the Mets, despite not having played since 2013 in order to pursue his dream of playing professional football. Should that not work out for him, the team still seems interested in retaining his rights and developing him as a baseball player.

With plus instincts, plenty of agility, soft hands, and an above-average arm, Milton Ramos was seen one of the best defensive players in the entire 2014 MLB Draft, if not the best. The Colombian born shortstop dropped to the third round of the draft because of his offensive profile. Can Ramos overcome his over-aggressive approach and the mechanical flaws in his swing and become more than a glove-only player?

Drafted in the 8th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, Dash Winningham possesses plenty of in-game power, hitting five home runs for the GCL Mets last season—as many as the rest of the qualifying team combined. But while he has power in spades, the first baseman has a swing that could make him prone to strikeouts and/or weak contact. Can the slugger smooth out his swing or will he struggle against the more advanced pitching of the Appalachian League?