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This Week in Mets Quotes: Terry Collins on the Mets slump, RA Dickey returns to Citi

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know if the Mets are executing?

"All I know is we're not executing shit." –Terry Collins [ESPN]

It’s that simple, we just need to win sweep two series in row.

"Just got to relax. We're going through a tough time. Unfortunately, every team does it. We're disappointed where we're at. But you know what? It's where we are. So we've got to move on. We're still in the hunt. We win five or six in a row and all of a sudden things look a lot different." –Terry Collins [ESPN]

How about the owners?

"We're going to have a little get-together tomorrow. But who do you want me to yell at -- the nine rookies? Huh? The veterans that play as hard as any veteran in this league, that play the game the right way? There's nobody to yell at. It's about going out there and getting the job done. They're major league players. Have some confidence. If there was a lack of hustle, lack of preparation, then there's something to yell about. But that's not out there. We're just not executing the way we should be." –Terry Collins [ESPN]

Have you tried hitting during games?

"We've tried a lot of things. We hit early today. We hit in the cages. We hit before the games. We hit after the games." –Terry Collins [ESPN]

/Beats dead horse.

"Right now we are not coming up with the big hits, especially these last five days. In a nutshell, these five days, we haven’t been coming up with the hits." Michael Cuddyer [New York Daily News]

/Continue beating.

"I write the lineup, it falls on my shoulders. I’m the one that puts them out there. My coaches do an outstanding job of pregame preparation. We’re not hitting. End of story. That’s pretty much it. We’ve got to start hitting." Terry Collins [New York Post]

Now we had a chance to meet this young man, and boy that's just a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.

"I like what we have here. If the front office decides to make a move or decides not to, there’s a reason for that. I’m not sure what their reasoning for it one way or the other is, but I’m happy with what we’ve got here." Curtis Granderson [New York Post]

Can we get an offensive boost as well?

"It would be nice to do something if we could to improve the team and give it a psychological boost." Sandy Alderson [New York Daily News]

It’s tough getting old.

"You get two guys on and you’re down by one and you want to come through. Unfortunately, I just didn’t get the job done." Michael Cuddyer [ESPN]

Well I’m convinced.

"[Wilmer Flores] can play second base. We've seen it. He's very good around the bag. He played it for a long time in the minor leagues. He played it very well last September. He's good over there." –Terry Collins [ESPN]

Would you say he’s too legit to quit?

"You know what? [Travis d’Arnaud] gets hurt. And when he gets hurt, it's legit It's not like this guy's got a bump and he won't take two aspirin to come back the next day. This guy, it's legit. We'll just wait the two weeks and hopefully get him back and we'll continue to move forward." –Terry Collins [ESPN]

Wait, Canadian fans have ridiculous expectations just like New York fans.

"The anticipation and expectation for myself and, probably, the fans … is, ‘Why isn’t this guy winning another Cy Young? That’s why we got him,’ I completely understand. But mentally, that’s been a hard thing to wade into and walk with for three years, because you never want to be the disappointment. So you’ve got to keep convincing yourself that you’re having good years. " R.A. Dickey [New York Daily News]

Don’t worry, from a Mets prospective, you were worth it.

"You want to be worth it. You want to be worth the trade." R.A. Dickey [New York Daily News]

The King has returned.

"[Driving to Citi Field on Monday on the same roads he used to take, Dickey said he felt very] nostalgic. That’s what this place represents for me. It was a place where I was really able to redeem my career. I’ll never forget reading that headline that said, in 2010, when I signed with (the Mets), that (former GM) Omar Minaya had picked up a player off the junk heap. That always resonated with me. So to look back at that, coming from the junk heap to now, it’s certainly something that I’ve enjoyed." R.A. Dickey [New York Daily News]

But I want more dingers now!

"When I started off pretty slowly, a week or two into the season, I sat down with my hitting coach and worked on a few things. We worked on me staying back. It’s been a lot easier as far as making solid contact and hitting the ball hard and spraying the ball all over the field. That’s why a lot of things right now are going right." –Dominic Smith [ESPN]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"PLEASE!!!!!!! Please Mr. Alderson please get us SS that can field the ball! If you’re asking us to invest ourselves, our emotions, etc in this team then please please get us a SS who can field. If you’re going to build a team that resembles a dead ball era team then please please have a SS who can field the baseball. That’s all I’m asking. Leave the offense the way it is, I can live with that, I just can no longer live with the atrocious defense on everyday plays to SS. Thank you." –Tom Haddad

AA Quote of the Week

"Woohoo! Short-season recaps. Where the names seem made up and the stats don’t matter." –xgamblorx