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Mets injury update: No timetable for David Wright's return from back injury

Wright says there is no timetable for his return, but he will play baseball again.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Mets third baseman David Wright spoke to the media before Tuesday night's game to give an update on the condition of his back. As he spoke, his sounded upbeat, but what he said wasn't. Wright told reporters he has to go to therapy seven days a week and will discuss his progress with the doctors every Monday. And Wright said the most frustrating part thing is that there is no timetable on when he can return to the Mets. Wright said that he has been doing everything he can get back on the field.

"I've got some of the best doctors in the world," he said, speaking about spine gurus Dr. Watkins III and Dr. Watkins IV at Watkins Spine in Marina Del Ray, California.

When asked if he would ever play again, Wright let out a grin and said, "Yeah. That's not an issue at all for me. There's never been a question in my mind that not only am I going to come back, but I am going to come back sooner rather than later."

Wright said that doctors told him he is too young for surgery at the age of 32, which means he has to be conservative and move with the process without rushing.

"We're not just talking about baseball," he said. "We're talking about walking and standing and being pain-free."