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Mets Player "Performance" Meter: Position Players, Week 12

A review of the Mets' hitters over the past seven days.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Meter Avenue is a day late after spending a weekend out of town. The good news: The Mets have won four games in a row! The bad news: The non-Granderson Mets still aren't hitting. So let's get this meter out of the way. Between the columns for last week and this week, this one might set a record for red arrows. It covers June 22 through 28.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Eric Campbell, 3B Campbell didn’t get any hits in limited playing time, but he had a .500 OBP. Okay.
Darrell Ceciliani, OF The outfielder had just a .408 OPS, which is not good.
Michael Cuddyer, LF Speaking of not good, Cuddyer had a .308 OPS. Yikes.
Travis d’Arnaud, C d’Arnaud is on the DL with a sprained elbow. Here’s hoping that doesn’t keep him out too long.
Lucas Duda, 1B It’s been a rough month for Duda, and the past week was no exception.
Wilmer Flores, SS Flores had a .425 OPS for the week.
Curtis Granderson, RF Among Mets position players, Granderson was the best on the team over this stretch, and it wasn’t even close. He hit four home runs with a .458/.552/1.042 line. Excellent.
Dilson Herrera, 2B Like many of his teammates, Herrera did little as a hitter.
Juan Lagares, CF Lagares hit .062/.062/.062 for the week. That is bad.
John Mayberry Jr., OF In limited playing time, he hit .167/.167/.167.
Johnny Monell, C -- Monell hit .333, so he gets a green arrow here even without any extra-base hits or walks on top of that.
Daniel Murphy, 2B/3B Murphy should be back with the Mets for tonight’s series opener against the Cubs.
Kevin Plawecki, C With a .464 OPS for the week, Plawecki is now hitting .226/.276/.308 in the big leagues this year.
Ruben Tejada, SS Tejada drew his walks, but with an .091 average, he got on base at just a .231 clip.
David Wright, 3B Another Monday has passed without an update on Wright getting back on the field. Sad face.