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This Week in Fanshots & Fanposts: Days of Future Past

Sweeping the Phillies is the perfect tonic for our aches and pains. This week's fan contributions will make us feel young again.

Just when things were looking grim, a decent week-and-a-half against some lesser teams and the Mets find themselves just a half-game back of first place in the National League East. Here's a look at some of our best community offerings this week.

The Rest and the Young-less
metsgiants3380 takes an introspective look at how our opinions of Mets players evolve over the years. Also Mr. Met twerks, so it's pretty much a "must view" for the discerning Mets fan.

But who's keeping score...?
Why bother keeping track of what happens in a game when the internet can do it for you? Czhorat reminds us that in baseball, it's sometimes easy to miss the importance of a game until we look back at it later.

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past
Speaking of the past, tsarstruck takes a look at past Mets (and some players we considered along the way) to see how they're doing these days in retrospect. Let's look at how many mansions turned into condos lately.

Another week, another chance to enjoy the creativity of Mets fans. Until next week...