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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 122: Not exactly a slow news week

One of those weeks where Jeffrey references the Principia Discordia we guess

Run Time: 1:40:15

In the "First place Mets are in first place" edition, Chris and Jeffrey have a lot of news to cover. The Mets need a new third baseman, maybe. The Mets rotation is no longer six pitchers long, definitely. Players are coming off the DL, probably. Also, Jeffrey got lost in a state park. That is relevant somehow. Next, Chris talks to Anthony DiComo of about these stories and more. Then, we answer your e-mails and Chris' computer craps the bed, so Jeffrey has to do the IFK Goteborg update (with a bonus Sheffield Wednesday update) all by his lonesome. Eventually the Mets will make a draft pick too, but not before we finish (though likely before you listen to this).

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