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Final Score: Giants 5, Mets 0— Chris Heston throws a no-hitter

The Mets were no-hit for the first time since 1993.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Tonight’s 5-0 loss to the Giants alternated between the exasperating and the poetic. The exasperation came primarily when the Mets were in the field, and Noah Syndergaard took the mound to look for his third win at home. Thor’s outing tonight was incredibly frustrating. The Giants rarely made solid contact against him—with the exception of a Matt Duffy homer in the sixth—but he again gave up ten hits and never made it through an inning without expending mountains of effort. Joe Panik also homered in the seventh off of Dillon Gee, who made his debut out of the bullpen tonight.

The poetry, unfortunately for the Mets, came from Chris Heston. The young Giants pitcher threw a no-hitter, striking out 11 in his historic start. In contrast to Thor, Heston never broke a sweat. Though he hit three batters, including two consecutively in the fourth inning, the game was never out of his control. Case in point: he threw only 110 pitches, 72 of which were strikes. His breaking pitches, a sinker and a curveball, stumped, stupefied, and stunned every Mets hitter who attempted to do something with them.

Regardless of who you root for, it was a great performance, though sadly for the Mets, they were on the wrong side of this one.

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Nice job by amazins8669; his effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.

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