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A look back at the Mets in the Home Run Derby

With no Mets in the Home Run Derby tonight, we take a look at the four who have participated.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Tonight's Home Run Derby will be void of orange and blue, so instead, let's take a trip down memory lane to the four Mets who have competed in previous years.

Darryl Strawberry (1986, 1990)

In the middle of what would be a 27-home-run season (and a pretty special one at that), Strawberry hit four home runs in 1986 and was named co-winner along with Wally Joyner of the California Angels in just the second Home Run Derby ever held at the All-Star Game. One of Strawberry's home runs flew so far that it hit one of the speakers dangling from the roof at the Astrodome in Houston, estimated at 350 feet from home plate in dead-center field and 140 feet off the ground.

1990 was less impressive, as Strawberry failed to hit a single ball over the fence at Wrigley Field. He wasn't alone, though: of the eight-man field, only Ryne Sandberg (3), Mark McGwire (1), and Matt Williams (1) hit a home run.

Howard Johnson (1989, 1991)

Despite hitting 228 home runs over his 14-year career, HoJo never had much success in the Home Run Derby. He hit two home runs at Anaheim Stadium in 1989 and none at The Skydome in Toronto in 1991.

Bobby Bonilla (1993)

Bonilla put up an impressive five home runs at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, but was ultimately bested by Juan Gonzalez and Ken Griffey Jr., who both hit seven home runs. Gonzalez would eventually win in a second playoff round.

David Wright (2006, 2013)

A baby-faced David Wright put on a show in 2006 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, hitting 16 home runs in the first round, the fourth-highest single-round total behind Josh Hamilton (28), Bobby Abreu (24), and David Ortiz (17). He eventually lost 23-22 to Ryan Howard.

Statistically, 2013 was less exciting, with Wright being cut in the first round with five home runs. But Wright, the National League Derby captain, received a standing ovation at Citi Field, which might be the best of all.