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Angry Mets fans take over #AskManfred hashtag on Twitter

Frustrated Mets fans have turned a Rob Manfred Q&A hashtag on Twitter into an airing of grievances about the Wilpon family's ownership of the team.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets fans are angry thanks to six consecutive seasons under .500 and nearly a decade without a playoff appearance since their last in 2006. Thanks to the Bernie Madoff scandal, Mets ownership continues to run a team that plays in the biggest city in the world like a small market organization despite the blessing of previous commissioner Bud Selig and current commissioner Rob Manfred. While the Mets have done a good job developing young pitching over the last few years, this is clearly a flawed roster with large holes that could've been filled had ownership made available the proper funds over the past five years.

When it was announced that commissioner Manfred would be taking questions to answer at MLB's Town Hall meeting during the All-Star break in Cincinnati, Mets fans acted and swiftly took over the hashtag #AskManfred on Twitter. They began swinging away at him and it appears they've done more damage than the Mets' starting lineup is capable of doing. Let's look in and see what Mets fans have to say about the Wilpons and the organization's frugality over the past half-decade:

Wow, that is a lot of anger. And since this group of tweets was compiled, there have been plenty more added to the pile. Will this do anything? Probably not. But Mets fan frustration is high and it's only natural to want the opportunity to channel that outward. I know I certainly wouldn't blame them if I was on the outside looking in. Now please, Mr. Manfred. It's time for you to reconsider your stance on Mets ownership.