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Top five longest Mets home runs of the first half

Let's take a look at the five longest dingers of the first half.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the Home Run Derby provides fans with a spectacle of dingers of all different kinds. There's something about the All-Star break that excites baseball fans everywhere, mostly because of the potential to be left awestruck by colossal home runs. Some reach the third deck, some end up in bodies of water. This year, there are no Mets players in the competition. However, in the spirit of the Derby, let's take a look at the five longest home runs by Mets players in the first half.

No. 5: Lucas Duda, July 10

This 429-foot shot came off Chase Anderson of the Diamondbacks. It was a laser of a line drive to straightaway center, and nearly landed on the Home Run Apple. That's a pretty hefty homer by Duda.

No. 4: Noah Syndergaard, May 27

Few, if any, teams can claim that a pitcher is responsible for the fourth longest tater of their first half. Thor crushed this 430-foot blast off Sean O'Sullivan of the Phillies. This prodigious shot left the entire dugout, particularly Matt Harvey, in a state of excitement and disbelief.

Tied for No. 3: Lucas Duda, April 15 and Lucas Duda, May 25

In the Mets' third home game of the season, the team's powerful first baseman clobbered this one 436 feet, clearing the newly modified wall and landing in the center-field seats. This homer came against Jerome Williams of the Phillies, and was Duda's first of his 2015 campaign.

This one, also against the Phillies, came on Memorial Day. Duda nearly reached the Shea Bridge with this swing against Severino Gonzalez. The 436-foot shot tied the game in the third inning.

No. 2: Michael Cuddyer, May 25

There's something about this year's Phillies that allows the Mets to crush deep homers against them. This came on the same day as the second Duda homer mentioned in third place in this list. Cuddyer launched that ball into the second deck, halfway towards center field. This was a monster shot.

No. 1: Lucas Duda, May 21

Lucas Duda is a powerful man. This blast, off Jaime Garcia, was catapulted 446 feet and into the bullpen. If it had been a few more feet to the left, it would have landed more than halfway up the seats in center field. That gives perspective to how long of a shot it was.

Home runs are fun, and Duda is good at punishing baseballs. Hopefully he'll hit one longer than 446 feet. Maybe a different Mets pitcher will top Syndergaard. It'd be fun to see someone hit one that lands on the Shea Bridge. Here's to more dingers in the second half.