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John Smoltz says Mets' pitchers are 'way better' than Braves' pitching of the 1990s

High praise from a member of one of the best starting rotations in baseball history.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

For most baseball fans, casual or otherwise, the Braves' pitching of the 1990s is the stuff of legends. Even today, the rotation, which included Hall of Famers Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux and soon-to-be Hall of Famer John Smoltz, is spoken of in hushed, reverent tones. Dreams of replicating that magic were exactly that: a dream. But at least one person thinks the Mets have some magic of their own.

"They're way better," Smoltz told the New York Daily News when asked how the Amazin's rotation matches up. "They've got more talent than we could ever have."

This year, Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Noah Syndergaard have been godsends for an offensive-deficient Mets team. Steven Matz showed flashes of brilliance in his two starts before he went on the disabled list with a lat tear. Zack Wheeler, out for this year and part of next year after Tommy John surgery, was off to a fast start. Seemingly constant injuries make it feel like Mets fans may never see these five on a mound together, but even the possibility gives you chills.

Statistics are practically impossible to compare; of the Mets, only Wheeler has completed a full season. Glavine, Maddux, and Smoltz pitched together for almost a decade, dominating the NL East. But the Mets' pitchers are young and have time under club control to become the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It's been a long season, and it's only halfway done. Wheeler likely won't be back until the All-Star Break next year. But just think about it, Mets fans. Can you feel the goosebumps?