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Mets Midseason Top 10 Prospects, #6: Wuilmer Becerra

We check in on the state of the system after graduating several top prospects.

Gordon Donovan

Preseason AA ranking: 18

2015 stats: .285/.337/.464; 6.4% walk rate; 21.5% strikeout rate

Season to date

Wuilmer Becerra has spent most of 2015 mashing, at least relative to league and park, while displaying above average defense in right and solid speed on the basepaths. His .179 isolated slugging percentage is top 10 in the league, and that's been done while playing half his games in Grayson Stadium, which, to be fair, is not as tough on righties as it is on lefties. Still, it's encouraging that Becerra has hit as well as he has to this point.

Why he ranks here

The fact that Becerra has been able to carry his 2014 performance over to Savannah has raised his stock considerably. Becerra is someone who has a toolsy profile, so whenever the performance starts to firm up for an athletic prospect like that the ceiling tends to jump a little higher. In that sense, he reminds me a bit of Cesar Puello. And although Puello was holding his own at a higher level at a similar age, the profiles line up. I realize comparing him to Puello probably won't get anyone excited considering how that situation's played out, so perhaps a more fun comp would be a late-career Marlon Byrd with more speed. Becerra's performance this season combined with his athletic profile has us all excited for his future.

Jeff is bullish

"Before a leg injury put him on the shelf, Becerra was putting up comparable numbers to his 2014 Kingsport season in Savannah. That is cause for celebration. The jump to full season ball is a big one, and Becerra has maintained his power and the still developing approach has held its own against better and older arms. The tools package is still there too. Becerra is a good runner with enough arm for right field, and the power potential to be an everyday guy there. He's a long way away and still struggles with spin, but the potential here is as big as any position player in the Mets system right now." - Jeff Paternostro