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Mets injury update: Mets considering shutting down Michael Cuddyer

The outfielder's knee may put him on the disabled list after all.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The tally of Mets on the disabled list may rise again in the coming days.The team is considering shutting down outfielder Michael Cuddyerper manager Terry Collins. They will attempt one more treatment, and if it is unsuccessful the 36-year-old could make a trip to the disabled list. The injury does not seem to be season-ending, though Cuddyer injured his knee on June 30 against the Chicago Cubs and has yet to return to full strength.

After having his knee examined on July 8, Cuddyer returned to the lineup two days later with continued pain. Collins cited it as something the outfielder would have to play through.

Since the injury, Cuddyer has appeared sporadically in the Mets' lineup. Despite this, his production at the plate has actually improved. He's hit a decent .286/.286/.500 in only 28 plate appearances. His numbers on the season, though, have not been what the Mets had expected when they signed him to a two-year, $21 million contract in November. His .249/.298/.381 slash line has been inadequate, and the Mets will surely need more production from him—or whomever replaces him int he lineup—to help improve their offensive shortfall.