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2015 Mets offense ranks worse than 1962 Mets

The Mets offense hasn't just been bad this year, it's been worse than the 1962 team that lost 120 games.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody with eyeballs can see that this 2015 Mets offense is bad, very bad. In fact, this is a historically bad offense. This team is statistically a worse hitting team than the 1962 Mets, a team that lost 120 games.

The 2015 Mets rank near the bottom of the National League in almost every offensive category. The team as a whole is hitting .234/.300/.361 so far this season. While the 1962 Mets were certainly no juggernaut offensively, that’s not really possible when you win only 40 games. However, they still managed to out-hit the 2015 Mets by hitting .240/.318/.361 as a team. The 1962 Mets scored 3.86 runs per game over the course of that season, while this team ranks 29th in the majors in runs, averaging only 3.43 runs per game. For the Mets to finish the season even tied with the 1962 Mets, they’d need to average 4.43 runs per game the rest of the season, and it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening any time soon.

This year's Mets don’t have a single player on the active roster batting over .300, and have three regulars Kevin Plawecki, Wilmer Flores and Juan Lagares who are all boasting a sub-.300 OBP. Only one regular player for the 1962 Mets, Rod Kanehl, had an OBP below .300. While the 2015 Mets power numbers are about on par with the 1962 Mets, the number of strikeouts by this years team is alarming. Lucas Duda is currently on pace to break the Mets single season strikeout record, but he hasn’t been the only offender. The Mets are averaging 7.77 strikeouts per game, 12th in the National League.

There doesn’t seem to be a quick fix out there that could glue together this rag-tag lineup, but it’s just another testament to how great the pitching has been, because without it this team might be staring 40-120 in the face, much like their 1962 counterparts.