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Mets trade rumors: Rafael Montero for Ben Zobrist swap discussed with A's

The Mets continue to monitor other teams' rosters for potential upgrades.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the trade deadline just ten days away, rumors continue to link the Mets with many names that could possibly help jumpstart the woeful offense. One such trade that was discussed between the Mets and A's would have sent right-hander Rafael Montero to Oakland in exchange for utilityman Ben Zobrist, though the A's reportedly wanted to wait and see if they could get back in the American League playoff race and Montero wound up on the disabled list.

Zobrist is currently hitting .258/.356/.423 with five homers and 32 RBI. On the defensive side of the ball, he has played shortstop previously and can fill in at any of the three outfield positions. Left fielder Michael Cuddyer continues to deal with a knee injury and could end up on the disabled list, and the shortstop position has been a sore spot in the Mets' lineup since Jose Reyes left town a few years ago.

Montero, meanwhile, has been on the disabled list since April 28 with rotator cuff inflammation, but recently tossed three scoreless innings in the Gulf Coast League. Before going down with the injury, Montero was 0-1, with a 4.50 ERA and 13 strikeouts in 10 innings for the Mets.

The Mets may be reluctant to deal the young Montero, who is affordable and has a few years of team control remaining, for a rental player like Zobrist, who is eligible for free agency after the season. He is also owed more than $2 million for the rest of the season and amazingly—but not surprisingly—the Mets might be averse to adding that kind of salary to their payroll.