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Mets trade rumors: Mets interested in Padres' Will Venable

Add another San Diego outfielder to the list of potential targets.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As the MLB non-waiver trade deadline approaches quickly, the Mets continue to be linked to several names around the league. According to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports and MLB Network, two of those names include outfielders Will Venable of the Padres and Gerardo Parra of the Brewers. Parra's name has been mentioned several times over the past few weeks, and now it seems Venable has become another serious target for the Mets.

One of the Mets' main goals at the trade deadline is to acquire a left-handed hitting outfielder and add some depth to a position that has dealt with both injuries and underproduction. While he is not having a particularly great season, Venable would bring the Mets that lefty bat and provide outfield depth. Venable is currently hitting .248/.316/.392 with six home runs and 22 RBIs and has six stolen bases for the Padres, who, like the Mets, have struggled offensively this year.

Venable is not a game-changing player and is the less-exciting option between him and Parra. However, he has shown some pop in his career, slugging a career-high 22 homers for San Diego in 2013 and is a solid defender. He also has experience batting leadoff and could be an option there for the Mets when he does start. Acquiring Venable would also allow for consistent rest for Juan Lagares and provides some insurance if Michael Cuddyer lands on the disabled list. He also would not command much in a potential trade, is not owed much money this season, and is a free agent after the year.

The Mets should set their sights higher than Venable. Bringing in Venable as the major move at the deadline would not go over well with fans. However, the Mets should keep an eye on him as a potential secondary target while they pursue more productive options like Parra and Ben Zobrist.