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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 129: #PROMOAT or #TRAID

Calling to order the monthly town council meeting of Panic City

Run time: 1:13:40

In the "Da Mets ah a disgrace. Back aftah dis" edition, Jeffrey and Steve convene a town council meeting for the residents of Panic City. First there is the old business, as we discuss the state and fate of Bobby Parnell, and try valiantly once again to fix the Mets offense. Next is new business, as we tackle the Amazin' Avenue Midseason Prospect List, which we both already hate. Finally, it is correspondence from the citizens, as we answer your e-mails on sandwiches, wrestling themes, twitter bots, and Lucas Duda.

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Don't forget you can email the show at, and we'll be back next week as the podcast splits into Black and White and Wolfpack factions.

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