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Mets Midseason Prospect Update: The making of a top prospect list

Let's show you how the prospect list sausage is made.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Below you will find all of the Amazin' Avenue's prospect team's individual midseason lists. The top 10 that ran recently was an aggregate of these lists using a simple NCAA poll structure with 20 point for a first place vote down to one for a 20th place vote.

To recap, here was our top ten:

1. Michael Conforto

2. Brandon Nimmo

3. Amed Rosario

4. Gavin Cecchini

5. Robert Gsellman

6. Wuilmer Becerra

7. Dominic Smith

8. Michael Fulmer

9. Casey Meisner

10. Matt Reynolds

And here are our individual lists. Our authors will pop in throughout the day to address any comments and answer any questions you may have.

Lukas Vlahos Steve Sypa Greg Karam Josh A. Barnes Jeffrey Paternostro
1 Michael Conforto Brandon Nimmo Michael Conforto Michael Conforto Michael Conforto
2 Brandon Nimmo Michael Conforto Brandon Nimmo Gavin Cecchini Amed Rosario
3 Gavin Cecchini Amed Rosario Amed Rosario Brandon Nimmo Brandon Nimmo
4 Amed Rosario Gavin Cecchini Gavin Cecchini Wuilmer Becerra Gavin Cecchini
5 Dominic Smith Dominic Smith Wuilmer Becerra Amed Rosario Robert Gsellman
6 Wuilmer Becerra Michael Fulmer Dominic Smith Casey Meisner Wuilmer Becerra
7 Robert Gsellman Wuilmer Becerra Robert Gsellman Milton Ramos Luis Carpio
8 Michael Fulmer Casey Meisner Michael Fulmer Marcos Molina Michael Fulmer
9 Casey Meisner Robert Gsellman Matt Reynolds Robert Gsellman Raphael Ramirez
10 Matt Reynolds Eudor Garcia Casey Meisner Luis Carpio Desmond Lindsay
11 Luis Cessa Desmond Lindsay Raphael Ramirez Dominic Smith Matt Reynolds
12 Marcos Molina Jeff McNeil Luis Carpio John Gant Milton Ramos
13 Desmond Lindsay Max Wottell Desmond Lindsay Matt Reynolds Casey Meisner
14 Jhoan Urena Matt Reynolds Jeff McNeil Michael Fulmer Harol Gonzalez
15 Raphael Ramirez Luis Guillorme Jhoan Urena John Mora Gabriel Ynoa
16 Luis Carpio John Gant Marcos Molina Luis Cessa Dominic Smith
17 Akeel Morris Akeel Morris Milton Ramos Aderlin Rodriguez (oh well) Ali Sanchez
18 Harol Gonzalez David Thompson Luis Guillorme Dash Winningham Max Wottell
19 Gabriel Ynoa Luis Carpio Gabriel Ynoa Akeel Morris Jeff McNeil
20 Milton Ramos Marcos Molina Eudor Garcia Corey Oswalt Luis Cessa