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Mets shift David Wright to 60-day disabled list

It's a technicality to free space on the 40-man roster for Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time today, the Mets have shifted a player from the 15-day to the 60-day disabled list. This time, it's third baseman and team captain David Wright, who has been out for far longer than sixty days already. He originally hit the disabled list with a hamstring injury and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis shortly thereafter.

All that means for now is that Wright doesn't count against the forty-player limit for the Mets' roster. Having traded for Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson earlier this evening, the Mets had to clear two sports on the roster. They cleared the other one by designating John Mayberry Jr. for assignment.

As for Wright, he's scheduled to resume baseball activities in New York next week. That the Mets acquired Uribe shows they aren't going to depend solely on Wright coming back to fill the void at third base. That's a good sign, and if Wright can make his way back, having him and Uribe on the roster at the same time is a good thing.