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Mets trade rumors: Mets looking at relief pitchers

The Mets have interest in relief pitchers who could help set up Jeurys Familia.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets are looking to shore up their bullpen for a potential playoff run, according to the New York Post. Although the team is still looking for a big hitter, it is looking for a pitcher to set up closer Jeurys Familia, in part because Jenrry Mejia's banned substance punishment bans him from playing in the postseason.

Although former closer Bobby Parnell has been mostly solid since his return from injury, posting a 2.70 ERA, he did have a rough outing recently. The Mets are also awaiting the return of veteran reliever Jerry Blevins from injury, but his timeline remains unclear. Fellow relief pitcher Erik Goeddel is also trying to work his way back from injury.

The Mets are probably not in the market for any top tier relievers at this time, but several teams who have been established as sellers in the trade market have pitchers that fit the Mets' criteria. Potential trade targets on those teams include Joaquin Benoit of the San Diego Padres and Tyle Clippard of the Oakland Athletics.