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Mets Player Performance Meter: Pitchers, Week 15

A review of the Mets' pitching staff since the start of the second half.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

You might have heard the Mets' pitching staff is good. That is true. It hasn't been perfect since the break, but it has still been pretty impressive. The Mets' 3.26 ERA as a team is still the third-best mark in baseball this year.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Jerry Blevins, LHP Blevins hasn’t progressed to the point of throwing yet, but he is set to see a doctor for an update on his broken left forearm this week. Here’s hoping he is cleared to begin his comeback.
Bartolo Colon, RHP Colon had one terrible start and one very, very good start.
Jacob deGrom, RHP deGrom’s magnificent season continued with 16 strikeouts, 2 walks, and a 1.32 ERA in 13.2 innings in his two starts. He was particularly dominant against the Dodgers yesterday.
Jeurys Familia, RHP For the first time in a long time, Familia had a rough week, blowing a couple of saves with a 6.23 ERA. The velocity and strikeouts look just fine, so this is probably just a blip in an otherwise excellent season.
Sean Gilmartin, LHP -- Gilmartin has an 8.10 ERA in three-and-one-third innings since the break. That’s not ideal, but he still has a 2.43 ERA and 3.13 FIP this year.
Erik Goeddel, RHP The relief pitcher is going to begin a rehab assignment soon. He was very good for the Mets in his stint with them earlier this year.
Matt Harvey, RHP Harvey had a 3.86 ERA with 7 strikeouts and 5 walks in 14 innings over the course of two starts. He gave up just two runs in seven innings against the Dodgers on Saturday night, though.
Steven Matz, LHP Matz should get checked out this week, at which point there will presumably be an updated on whether or not he can start working his way back from a partially torn lat muscle.
Jenrry Mejia, RHP There were a couple of jams mixed in here, but Mejia threw seven innings without allowing any runs, struck out seven, and walked two. He isn’t eligible to play if the Mets make the postseason, but having him in the pen should increase the odds of the Mets getting there.
Jon Niese, LHP Like Colon, Niese made one very good start and one very bad start, the latter of which came very shortly before the birth of his child.
Bobby Parnell, RHP Like Gilmartin, Parnell has an 8.10 ERA in three appearances since the break. Unfortunately, all three runs he allowed scored in one inning against the Nationals, turning a two-run Mets lead into a one-run deficit that was enough for Washington to win that game.
Hansel Robles, RHP -- Robles had a 2.08 ERA on the week and now has a 4.00 ERA on the season. If he can keep pitching like he has over the past month—during which he has a 0.93 ERA in eight appearances—it would be big for the bullpen.
Noah Syndergaard, RHP Syndergaard’s 2.25 ERA is pretty, pretty good, even if he labored a bit in a short outing in his second start over this stretch.
Alex Torres, LHP Torres had a 5.40 ERA over this stretch and the ire of Mets fans.
Carlos Torres, RHP Torres pitched 7.2 innings, struck out seven, walked one, and had a 1.17 ERA. Maybe he’s still a decent relief pitcher. He’s down to a 3.76 ERA on the season.