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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 130: #PROMOAT and #TRAID

Should have recorded this earlier or later I guess.

Run Time: 39:52

In the "Probably should have uploaded this Sunday" edition, Bryan and Jeffrey sit down for a brief discussion of recent Mets moves. The Mets keep making moves though, so if you want hot Tyler Clippard takes, you will have to wait until later this week (or just read Keith Law). We do discuss the Michael Conforto promotion and the acquisition of Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson. Next we try to figure out what Terry Collins will do with this new lineup flexibility, and answer an e-mail that Jeffrey forgot to answer in Episode 129. Finally we wrap things up with an IFK Goteborg update, and Jefrey tries to discern the reasons for the Blavitt's struggles after the long international break.

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Don't forget you can email the show at, and we'll be back later this week to wrap up more TRAID deadline action.

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