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Mets trade rumors: Tigers will make Yoenis Cespedes available

The Tigers are now listening to offers for their outfielder, providing another big bat the Mets can target.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

After spending years in win-now mode, the struggling Detroit Tigers are finally ready to test the market on David Price and Yoenis Cespedes.

At 51-52 with star slugger Miguel Cabrera sidelined, Detroit will listen to offers on both pending free agents. While the Mets are obviously not looking for another ace, Cespedes becomes yet another big bat they can pursue. Early indidcations are they'll join the discussion for the 29-year-old Cuban outfielder, who's enjoying the best season of his career.

Often criticized for his poor plate discipline, his walk percentage has faded even further this year, dipping to a career-low 4.5%. Yet he's still hitting .289/.321/.500 with 17 homers and a 3.5 WAR. Known for his bat, he has also saved 11 runs for Detroit in left field.

He doesn't perfectly fit with an organization that values patience, but not every hitter is the same. Cespedes provides value without a great batting eye, but bringing him aboard would likely oust rookie Michael Conforto, unless the Mets wanted to test their luck with one of the two—or even Curtis Granderson—patrolling center.

Cespedes has already been dealt twice over the past year. Last July, the Oakland Athletics unloaded him to the Boston Red Sox, who sent him to Detroit over the winter for starting pitcher Rick Porcello. With the starting pitcher posting a 5.51 ERA for Boston, the Tigers will hope to land a better return. Just don't count on the Mets coughing up any of their elite arms.