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Mets trade rumors: Mets willing to overpay for Ben Zobrist

The switch-hitting, multiple-position-playing Zobrist has been a Mets target for some time now.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sandy Alderson recently said that he was willing to overpay for a bat to help the New York Mets' lineup. It appears that The Athletics' Ben Zobrist is the man he is willing to overpay for, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

Zobrist was considered an option for the Mets all year long, but when David Wright went down with his back injury, Zobrist shot up the Mets' board. This season, Zobrist has a .360 on-base percentage, which is a little above his .354 career mark.

The A's have won 12 of 18 games recently, however, which has made GM Billy Beane hold off on trading his hot commodity. And Zobrist is a hot commodity, with teams like the Yankees, Nationals, and Cubs all interested in his services. During this 12-6 run for the A's, Zobrist has been at the center of it with a .383/.493/.683 batting line.

For now, the Mets will have to wait for Beane to reevaluate where his team is at when July 31 rolls around. With the way the Mets have been playing lately, though, they may not have the time to wait. Sandy Alderson may be forced to drastically overpay for Zobrist in order to acquire him now, to salvage what is left of the 2015 season.