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Mets reportedly had concerns about Carlos Gomez's hip condition

The Mets nearly made a big trade with the Brewers earlier, but it fell through.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

In one of the most bizarre baseball stories in recent memory, the Mets and Brewers had a trade for Carlos Gomez in place that would have sent Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores to Milwaukee. Flores learned of that news during the Mets' game and was seen crying on the field at shortstop. But after the game, we learned there was no deal between the teams, and Sandy Alderson said there would not be any deal between them, either. What the hell happened?

Ken Rosenthal says the Mets pulled out of the deal when reviewing medical records because of concerns about Gomez's hip condition. And Rosenthal's report was confirmed by several other writers.

So Wheeler and Flores are still Mets. And the Mets could presumably still use another bat before the trade deadline hits at 4:00 PM EDT on Friday. But it sure sounds like the Carlos Gomez trade is dead and won't be brought back to life.