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Final Score: Padres 8, Mets 7— Agony

If you have heart problems, it's probably best not to read anything about today's game versus the Padres.

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The Mets—somehow—snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and lost 8-7 to the Padres today at Citi Field.

The game really needs to be broken into three parts: Pre-Rain Delay, Post-rain Delay 1, and Post-rain Delay 2.

Pre-Rain Delay: Jon Niese was splendid! He struck out six over six innings while allowing only one run. He breezed through the first five innings and managed to induce a critical double play to escape further trouble and end his day after six. Additionally, The Mets' offense exploded for seven runs against Andrew Cashner and the Padres' bullpen! After scoring the Mets' first run of the game, Curtis Granderson hit a three-run homer in the fifth to put the Mets up 4-0. The following inning, Juan Uribe hit his first homer as a Met and the Amazins added two more on a Juan Lagares sac fly and a Ruben Tejada single to make the score 7-1 going into the seventh. Things were going great.

The Padres came alive against the Mets' bullpen, however. Bobby Parnell was removed after loading the bases with one out, and Hansel Robles let up a grand slam to Derek Norris that suddenly turned the contest into a ballgame. The next inning, Tyler Clippard escaped further damage thanks to a Curtis Granderson web gem, and Jeurys Familia came on in the ninth to try to shut the door. The Padres were more than happy to oblige, and the struggling Mets closer recorded two quick outs. He then had an 0-1 count on the aforementioned Norris before the umps decided to call everybody off the field.

Post-Rain Delay 1: Forty-five minutes later, when action resumed, everything went wrong really quickly. Norris and next batter Matt Kemp got on with singles, and then Justin Upton homered to make the score 8-7 in favor of the Padres. To make matters even worse, Familia got the next batter before the game was delayed yet again.

Post-Rain Delay 2: About three hours later, the Mets went down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the ninth against Craig Kimbrel and Mets fans everywhere poured rubbing alcohol over themselves in a pool of their own tears.

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