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John Mayberry Jr. officially released

The outfielder was designated for assignment last week.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Outfielder John Mayberry Jr. has officially been released from the Mets after being designated for assignment on June 24.

Mayberry, a career .269/.324/.533 hitter against left-handed pitchers before this season, was originally signed in the offseason to a one-year, $1.45 million contract, including $500,000 in incentives based on awards and plate appearances. However, he had very little chance of ever reaching those benchmarks, as he hit just .164/.227/.318 in 119 plate appearances; he was slightly better against lefties, hitting .175/.242/.386 in 62 plate appearances.

His disappointing year reached its breaking point when the Mets traded for Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe last week. Johnson has spent time in left field, at first base, and at third base this year for the Braves and has hit .273/.334/.432 against left-handed pitchers in his career.

Of course, because it's the Mets, Mayberry will likely be picked up by the Yankees tomorrow and go .280/.350/.520. I mean...I don't know anyone who did that.