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Mets injury update: Michael Cuddyer to begin rehab games soon

The left fielder is getting ready to start rehab games in the coming days.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Cuddyer is progressing in his return from a knee injury, and is expected to begin rehabbing in games after this weekend. He could be activated as soon as next week in time for the series against Tampa.

Cuddyer first injured his knee back on June 30, but the Mets declined to place him on the disabled list for some time. After exhausting treatment options—and realizing that his knee was not improving—Cuddyer was finally placed on the disabled list on July 24. To take his place, the Mets called up top prospect Michael Conforto.

With the acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes, it is unclear how the Mets' outfield situation will play out once Cuddyer returns to the lineup. The Mets seem to now have a glut of corner outfielders with Cuddyer, Cespedes, Conforto, and Curtis Granderson all occupying similar roles. Cespedes has primarily played left field during his major league career, the same position as Cuddyer and Conforto. However, he and Granderson both have varying levels of experience manning center field.