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Vote Jeurys Familia into the All-Star Game

Do it, Mets fans!

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jeurys Familia didn't make the initial National League All-Star Game roster. Several relief pitchers who haven't been as good as Familia made the roster, at least in part because every team in the league must be represented by at least one player for the game. That means Jonathan Papelbon is on the team, but Familia is not. Sure, you could write off the All-Star rosters. But Familia is clearly deserving of a spot on the roster, and it's time to cast a bunch of votes for him.

If you need any convincing, here's a complete list of National League relief pitchers with a better ERA than Familia this season:

Trevor Rosenthal

After years of terrible performance, the Mets' bullpen is finally good. Mets relief pitchers have a 2.81 ERA this year. That ranks fifth in all of baseball. They might have trouble scoring runs, but they haven't had much trouble maintaining leads. So let's all thank Jeurys Familia with some votes.