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World Series odds: Mets' chances of a title improving

Handicappers have noticed the Mets' recent improvement, and it shows in Bovada's latest World Series odds.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada released the latest World Series odds earlier today, and the Mets are creeping up the list, all the way to fifth.

While the Mets’ strong pitching has kept the team in the hunt all year—only the Cardinals have allowed fewer runs—the lackluster offense seemed certain to doom the team to irrelevancy. On July 30 the Mets sported a run differential of -7 despite the stellar pitching staff.

Of course we know what happened at the trade deadline, and the revamped offense has fueled a rapid climb up the standings. The team’s run differential went positive again on August 3, and currently stands at +23. More importantly, the Mets have opened up a 3.5-game lead on the floundering Nationals for the division lead.

With the pitching still dominating and the offense finally holding up its end of the bargain, bettors and oddsmakers are taking note—the Mets are not a team easily dismissed. The favorites in the new odds are the Toronto Blue Jays, who lead the majors in run differential and are riding a 10-game winning streak. The Blue Jays acquired the consensus best hitter and best pitcher available at the deadline in Troy Tulowitzki and David Price.

The aforementioned Cardinals own the best record in baseball, have the second best run differential (and are the only team within even 50 runs of Toronto), and are somehow only tied with the Dodgers for third in the odds.

The complete list from Bovada:

Team World Series Odds
Toronto Blue Jays 4/1
Kansas City Royals 5/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 8/1
St. Louis Cardinals 8/1
New York Mets 9/1
Houston Astros 12/1
New York Yankees 12/1
Chicago Cubs 14/1
San Francisco Giants 14/1
Washington Nationals 14/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 16/1
Los Angeles Angels 18/1
Baltimore Orioles 40/1
Tampa Bay Rays 40/1
Minnesota Twins 50/1
Detroit Tigers 66/1
Texas Rangers 66/1
Chicago White Sox 100/1
Cleveland Indians 100/1
Seattle Mariners 100/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 200/1
San Diego Padres 200/1
Boston Red Sox 300/1
Atlanta Braves 1000/1
Cincinnati Reds 1000/1
Oakland Athletics 1000/1
Colorado Rockies 2000/1
Miami Marlins 2000/1
Milwaukee Brewers 2000/1
Philadelphia Phillies 2000/1