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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 133: Matz and the Nats

We're a bit tired this week and don't have much to talk about, so you can guess what happened next.

Run Time: 1:45:19

In the "Let's all agree to not make the Rallykeet happen" edition, Jeffrey and Steve planned a nice, short, podcast. Then we ended up perusing Atlantic League statistical leaders. Before that though, we check in with Steven Matz and David Wright's rehab and marvel at Jeurys Familia's new change-up. Next, Mike Ferrin, host of MLB Power Alley on SiriusXM comes on the show to discuss the Nationals 2015 woes and if they can pull it together down the stretch. Then, we head to your e-mails which is just an endless series of digressions mixed in with some very big talk about Luis Carpio. Finally, Jeffrey is happy about one soccer team, concerned about another, and coming on your podcast probably.

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