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Mets won't shut down young pitchers because of innings limits

The team will try to use a six-man rotation and a spot start or two to limit workloads.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets are creating a plan that would allow them to use their young pitchers through the end of the season and, if they get there, into the postseason. The plan hinges on the return of Steven Matz as rosters expand on September 1.

That would allow the Mets to go back to a six-man-rotation, which would give all of the team's starters a bit more rest. On top of that, Logan Verrett, who is joining the team today to replace Bobby Parnell in the bullpen, could make a couple of spot starts down the stretch.

Noah Syndergaard has thrown 135.1 innings between Triple-A and MLB this season, and Matt Harvey is already at 154 innings. Whether or not this strategy of protecting the young arms will prove costly to the team's postseason chances remains to be seen, but it's reassuring that the team intends to have its best young pitchers on the field for the rest of the year, however long that may be.