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Monday Morning Mets Mind Boggler: Thirty-stolen-base seasons

Can you name every Met to steal 30 bases in a season?

Al Bello/Getty Images

Since Jose Reyes's departure, the stolen base has become an increasingly small part of the Mets' offensive game. This year, the Mets rank 27th in Major League Baseball with 45 team stolen bases, and are on pace for their lowest total since 1995. For this week's Mind Boggler, we're asking you to name every player in Mets history to steal at least 30 bases in a season.

Mets with at least 30 stolen bases in a season.

Curtis Granderson leads the 2015 Mets with just ten steals, followed by Juan Lagares with seven, and bench players Eric Campbell and Darrell Ceciliani (neither of whom is currently on the major league roster) with five apiece. No other Met has more than four.

The Mets' speed score (3.6) and Weighted Stolen Base Runs total (0.9), both of which put a heavy emphasis—as the names suggest—on speed and stolen bases, are predictably quite poor. Compared to the rest of MLB, the Mets rank 27th and 15th, respectively.

However, by the more complete metrics of Base Running and Ultimate Base Running, the Mets are closer to the middle of the pack, ranking 11th and 14th with scores of 2.4 and 1.4, respectively. Perhaps this reflects good instincts by Mets baserunners and/or good coaching by the team's base coaches. What's clear is that this year's team relies less on raw foot speed than any Mets team in recent memory.

Good luck, and remember to post your time and score in the comments!