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Remembering the last time David Wright came back from injury in Philadelphia

This isn't the first time the Captain is returning from injury in Philadelphia. Last time, it was memorable.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the return of David Wright comes excitement. Wright has been out since April 14, when he injured his hamstring in a game against the Phillies. He was later diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a condition that many thought would jeopardize his career. Now, he's making his long-awaited return to the Mets' lineup in Philadelphia. This isn't the first time he's come back from a prolonged absence at Citizens Bank Park, though—he did it in September 2013, and it was a great moment in the storied career of the Mets' franchise player.

On August 2, 2013, in a game against the Royals, David Wright suffered a Grade 2 hamstring strain, an injury that was expected to sideline him for well over a month. He was having one of the best offensive seasons in his career up to that point, hitting a robust .309/.391/.512 before being placed on the disabled list. As a result, the Mets' offense, and subsequently the team, struggled.

After a long, seven-week stint on the DL, Wright was scheduled to return on September 20 in Philadelphia, a fitting scene considering his success at Citizens Bank Park. Former Phillies ace Cole Hamels was the opposing pitcher, and in his fist at-bat, Wright did this:

This two-run homer helped the Mets to a victory that day. In typical David Wright fashion, he went deep the next day, too. Wright has a flair for the dramatic when it comes to returning from injury.

This time around, the Mets did not struggle during Wright's extended absence—they flourished, pushing their way into first place in the National League East. And unlike in 2013, Wright is coming back to a team that has playoff aspirations, something the third baseman—and the franchise—has not seen since 2006.

Glad to have you back, David. Go hit another home run.