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Where this August ranks amongst the best months in Mets history

The Mets are 19-8 this August, the most wins they have had in a month since May 2009.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has changed for the Mets over the past month. After the Carlos Gomez non-trade, Wilmer Flores's tears, and a heartbreaking loss to the Padres in the rain, the team's fortunes have turned 180 degrees. The Mets took over the NL East, built up a sizeable lead over the Nationals, and gave their lineup a complete overhaul. A once-struggling offense has been baseball's best since the All-Star break. The Mets are now playoff contenders for the first time since 2008 thanks to a spectacular August.

Historically speaking, this August has been one of the winningest months in Mets history, and there is still one more game on the schedule. With a 19-8 record, this is only the 18th time in Mets history that they have won at least 19 games in a month, and the first time since May 2009.

If the Mets win their last game in August, they will have won 20 games in a month for the first time since August 2000. The Mets have only accomplished that feat 11 times—in ten different seasons—in their history. Of those ten seasons, the Mets made the playoffs in four of them, two of which were the championship seasons of 1969 and 1986. So while the playoffs will not be won or lost in a month, the Mets will be in some pretty solid historical company if they win tonight against the Phillies.

The winningest months in Mets history are listed below.

Month/Year Record
September 1969 23-7
May 1972 21-7
July 1985 21-7
June 1990 21-7
July 1984 21-9
August 1969 21-10
August 1986 21-11
September 2000 20-6
September 1976 20-9
August 2000 20-9
August 1998 20-12
September 1973 19-8
June 1986 19-9
May 1988 19-9
August 2006 19-9
May 2007 19-9
May 2009 19-9

The highest winning percentage the Mets had in one month was .813, when the team went 13-3 in April of 1986.