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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 20

A review of the Mets' position players over the past week.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Mets’ offense wasn’t nearly as potent over the weekend, but it scored a bunch of runs in four games in Philadelphia before coming down to Earth a little bit at home against the Red Sox over the weekend. But the overall numbers were still very good for many of the team’s hitters.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Yoenis Cespedes, OF With three home runs and a .940 OPS for the week, Cespedes stayed hot despite a .214 batting average.
Michael Conforto, LF With a .929 OPS for the week, Conforto looked just fine. And now that it’s August 31 and he’s still on the roster, we know he won’t be going to the minors again this season.
Michael Cuddyer, LF/1B Since Cuddyer came off the disabled list earlier this month, he’s hit well, but he hit really well over the past week: .579/.636/1.053 with a couple of home runs.
Travis d’Arnaud, C d’Arnaud wasn’t far behind Cuddyer, as he hit .368/.520/.789 for the week with a couple home runs of his own. When he’s been on the field for the Mets this year, he has been nothing short of outstanding as a hitter.
Lucas Duda, 1B Duda remains on the disabled list, but his diagnosis last week made it sound like he will return as soon as he is eligible to do so.
Wilmer Flores, SS/2B Flores joined a couple of his teammates in hitting two home runs for the week and hit .304/.304/.652 overall. That’ll play.
Curtis Granderson, RF It was another fine week at the plate for Granderson, who has been the Mets’ best consistently healthy position player this season.
Kelly Johnson, 2B/OF Johnson had a .780 OPS in 16 plate appearances for the week. That’s very good.
Juan Lagares, CF Lagares had been on a nice run at the plate, but that came to an abrupt end this week.
Daniel Murphy, 2B/3B Murphy’s numbers weren’t quite as gaudy as many of his teammates, but a .276/.313/.483 line is nothing to sneeze at.
Anthony Recker, C Recker drove in a big run yesterday, but he still hit just .125 with no walks or extra-base hits for the week.
Ruben Tejada, SS Tejada has had a perfectly cromulent season, but he struggled mightily with the bat this week.
Juan Uribe, 3B Uribe absolutely raked in his limited role this week: .417/.533/.583.
David Wright, 3B In his long-awaited return from the disabled list, Wright hit .304/.407/.435 in 27 plate appearances. Oh yes.