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Mets injury update: Lucas Duda still not cleared to swing

The first baseman was originally expected back this weekend.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Despite more optimistic initial reports, Mets first baseman Lucas Duda is no longer expected to return from the disabled list this weekend when his 15 days expire, as he has not yet begun swinging a bat.

Duda was placed on the disabled list on August 22 with a back injury after missing several games over the prior two weeks, including the final three games in the Rockies series and the series opener against the Pirates.

In Duda's absence, Daniel Murphy and Michael Cuddyer have been sharing time at first base, covering the position adequately enough. Duda's bat, however, has been missed; though he's hitting a good-but-not-great .247/.346/.472 this season, his offense has picked up in the second half, hitting .265/.348/.602.

Rosters expand tomorrow as well, and Eric Campbell is expected to be among the first wave of call-ups. He's played just one game at first base in the majors this year and five games in the minors, but he played 17 games there in Triple-A last year and could serve as an emergency backup should neither Murphy nor Cuddyer be available.