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Mets' Sandy Alderson finishes in the middle of the pack in GM Confidence Poll

The Mets' GM received a 3.6 rating from fans on a scale from one-to-five.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of what may be the most chaotic trade deadline in Mets history, general manager Sandy Alderson remains the subject of controversy for many fans. Though adding Yoenis Cespedes was a generally popular move, the failed Carlos Gomez trade of two days earlier has left many fans with a cynical opinion of their GM (and, undoubtedly, of Mets' ownership).

Despite the Gomez mess, Alderson finds himself in the middle of the pack among other major league GMs when it comes to fan confidence, according to a survey conducted by MLB Daily Dish. The Mets' GM placed 18th with a 3.6 confidence rating on a scale from one-to-five. That puts him between the extremes of the popular Cubs GM Jed Hoyer and vastly unpopular Marlins GM Mike Berger.

Alderson's rating speaks to more than just a hectic-yet-successful trade deadline. While Mets fans may like the recent results of his work, many still have difficulty trusting him. After a season in which the front office has downplayed the severity of several injuries, fans have become reluctant to take Alderson at his word.

Part of this skepticism stems from negative feelings towards the team's owners. In many ways, one's feelings toward Alderson depend on whether you think of him as working with the Wilpons or working in spite of them. The tight financial constraints have certainly limited Alderson's ability to acquire high-quality players either through trades or in free agency.

Of course, his one major offseason acquisition for this year hasn't exactly panned out. Signing Michael Cuddyer to a two-year, $21 million contract has proven to be a hugely unpopular move among Mets fans. Up until last week, fan confidence in the GM was more or less defined by Cuddyer's performance.

But when Cuddyer returns from the DL on Monday, he will no longer be the litmus test for how Alderson is doing his job. And if he, along with Cespedes, Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, Tyler Clippard, and Eric O'Flaherty can keep this team on track for the postseason, Mets fans may begin to trust their GM again.