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Ranking the Mets' annual fantasy football draft

For the Mets fan who just can't resist the allure of fantasy football.

With the Mets in the middle of their most exciting season in almost a decade, it is time to talk about what's really important: the team's annual fantasy football draft!

Last week, Jerry Blevins tweeted a picture of the team's fantasy draft board, asking fantasy guru Matthew Berry for his thoughts. And while Berry does not yet write for Amazin' Avenue, that won't stop us from scrutinizing each team's performance.

The format includes half points per reception, three wide receivers, and, judging by Murphy picking three running backs in the first four rounds, a FLEX slot.

Utilizing the available data on average draft positions, as well as the power of subjectivity, here are the definitive power rankings of the Mets' 2015 fantasy football draft:

1. Michael Cuddyer

It appears that Cuddyer spent much of his rehab time reading fantasy football draft guides. With five wide receivers in the first nine rounds, Cuddyer is looking to take full advantage of the .5 PPR format.

2. Jerry Blevins

Jamaal Charles was a steal with the tenth overall pick, a fact that was not lost on Blevins. The health of Arian Foster could derail this team or propel it to glory. Blevins knows a thing or two about recuperating from tough injuries, so Foster is in good hands.

3. Daniel Murphy

The duo of Le'Veon Bell and Justin Forsett gives Murph's squad a couple of strong pass-catching running backs. Amari Cooper in the 5th round was good value with big upside, while the annually underrated Tony Romo may have been a bit of a reach in the 6th round, but none of the top quarterbacks would have been available 22 picks later.

4. Tim Teufel / Eric Langill

The receiving core of T.Y. Hilton, Brandin Cooks, and Davante Adams is the most explosive in the league, while Eddie Lacy, Peyton Manning, and Travis Kelce are among the best at their position. A strong draft from the only team not run by a Mets player.

5. David Wright

The captain landed a couple of breakout candidates at receiver in Jordan Matthews and Jarvis Landry, while Shane Vereen in the 9th is excellent value for a .5 PPR.

6. Matt Harvey / Dave Racaniello

Julio Jones could prove to be a steal at 16th overall, especially in a .5 PPR format. Latavius Murray and Todd Gurley are boom or bust running backs.

7. Kirk Nieuwenhuis / Bobby Parnell

Nothing flashy, just a solid draft across the board. Stevie Johnson was a huge reach in the 8th round.

8. Tyler Clippard

Clippard's selection of Tom Brady either indicates that he condones unsavory shenanigans or that he enjoys making shrewd fantasy football selections. Maybe a little of both.

9. Curtis Granderson / Tom Goodwin

Matt Forte was the steal of the draft at 21st overall, but taking a kicker in the 11th round, before anyone else had even taken a defense, is borderline inexcusable.

10. Lucas Duda / Kevin Long

Taking Kurt Warner in the 14th round is a bold move that just might pay off. Also, it definitely won't pay off.

11. Travis d'Arnaud / Kevin Plawecki

Andrew Luck may be the best quarterback in the fantasy game, but he's still a reach at 8th overall. The catchers did a solid job the rest of the way, save for taking Joseph Randle, who has not yet succeeded in locking down a starting job, in the 5th round.

12. Jon Niese / "Smoke Boy"

It's been a tough couple of weeks for Niese, but being ranked last in these power rankings may be the low point. Andre Johnson was a reach in the 3rd round, while none of Niese's running backs are sure things. He'll figure out a way to turn it around, though. The veteran usually does.

Who do you think had the best draft? Who is Smoke Boy? These are the questions that must be answered.