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Jacob deGrom will be given extra rest before his next start

Logan Verrett will make a spot start in order to give Jacob deGrom more time to rest.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets announced that Jacob deGrom's next turn in the starting rotation will be pushed back. In his place Logan Verrett will make a spot-start this Tuesday against the Braves.

Terry Collins stated that the team has not decided whether deGrom will be skipped through a full rotation turn, or whether he will just be given extra rest before starting. During last season, in which he earned Rookie of the Year honors, deGrom was placed on the disabled list with shoulder fatigue in order to give him an in-season break. But this season, deGrom feels he does not need the rest time, and even lobbied Dan Warthen to let him pitch on his regular turn.

This announcement comes at a point where deGrom's performance has sagged somewhat. Since his ERA reached 1.98 on August 18, it has risen to 2.64, still an excellent mark. Verrett, who has made spot starts in place of Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard already in addition to working out of the bullpen, has a 1.91 ERA over 28.1 innings with the Mets.