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World Series odds: Mets remain ranked fifth

Despite a recent slip up in their return to Citi Field, the chances of a title in Queens have not changed since the last time Vegas odds were released.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets were given the fifth-highest probability of winning the World Series with 9/1 odds in Bovada's latest list revealed earlier today. The Mets' chances have not changed since Bovada's previous rankings released on August 13 and since then they have an 11-7 record.

With an overall record of 73-59 heading into tonight's game and a 6.5 game lead in the National League East, the Mets were given 1/10 odds (i.e., a bet of $10 wins $1 plus the original bet) to win the division while the Washington Nationals (66-65) hang on at 5/1 odds (i.e., a bet of $1 wins $5 plus the original bet). The Mets are ranked third behind the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers for the best chances at winning the NL pennant.

Despite the Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, and Pittsburgh Pirates all holding better records, the Toronto Blue Jays are favored to win the World Series with 7/2 odds, having won eight of their last 10 games. Toronto's Josh Donaldson is the favorite to win the AL MVP—slightly ahead of Mike Trout—while the Nats' Bryce Harper was picked ahead of Paul Goldschmidt to take home NL MVP honors.

Here is the complete list of updated World Series odds from Bovada.

Team World Series Odds
Toronto Blue Jays 7/2
Kansas City Royals 11/2
St. Louis Cardinals 11/2
Los Angeles Dodgers 15/2
New York Mets 9/1
Chicago Cubs 12/1
Houston Astros 12/1
New York Yankees 12/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 12/1
Texas Rangers 16/1
Minnesota Twins 33/1
San Francisco Giants 33/1
Los Angeles Angels 40/1
Washington Nationals 40/1
Tampa Bay Rays 66/1
Cleveland Indians 75/1
Baltimore Orioles 100/1
Boston Red Sox 300/1
Chicago White Sox 300/1
Detroit Tigers 300/1
Seattle Mariners 300/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 500/1
San Diego Padres 500/1
Atlanta Braves Off the Board
Cincinnati Reds Off the Board
Colorado Rockies Off the Board
Miami Marlins Off the Board
Milwaukee Brewers Off the Board
Oakland Athletics Off the Board
Philadelphia Phillies Off the Board