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Terry Collins talks about the plan for Matt Harvey's start tonight

The Mets' skipper spoke about how he'll be managing Harvey's use for tonight's game

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

With Matt Harvey taking the mound tonight against the Yankees, innings limits don't seem like they will become an issue. The Mets have placed a loose innings cap on Harvey's start tonight, his first since September 8, but manager Terry Collins will be watching more than just Harvey's innings and pitches.

"There's no pitch count, I don't know where that's coming from. There's no pitch count involved. I'm just going to limit his workload and that will be my decision when I think he should come out."

"Obviously, if he's working very, very hard, it might be earlier, If he's cruising, it might be a little bit later. But he's not going to go deep . . . "

"He's Matt Harvey, when I come to the ballpark and he's pitching, there's a smile on my face. He gets up for these kinds of games."

In his last start against the Nationals almost two weeks ago, amidst all of the drama surrounding Harvey's workload, Harvey got knocked around and was bounced from the game in the sixth inning after giving up seven runs on eight hits.The last time Harvey pitched against the Yankees earlier this season he nearly went the distance, going 8.2 innings while striking out seven and looking dominant.

Like Collins said, Harvey gets up for these kind of games, and we all know that Harvey on a big stage is a fun Harvey to watch, regardless of how many innings he's out there for.