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This Week in Mets Quotes: Cespedes likes being a Met, Familia on being a father

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Aren’t blood oaths binding?

"As you likely know, the Mets have enjoyed an amazingly good season and the demand for tickets has increased sharply. Unfortunately, we are now unable to purchase the volume of tickets that we need to fulfill our pledge to you and other donors." —New York Blood Center email to Blood Doners [Newsday]

In other words, PANIC!

"I said it the other day, we had such an emotional high going coming out of Atlanta, I think you are seeing just a little drainage on the system. If there was a day off coming, I think it is coming at the right time. We’ll get away from it a little bit, come back. It’s going to be pretty exciting starting Friday and we’ll pick the energy up." —Terry Collins [New York Daily News]

For a bit there, it seemed like there were never going to be a game the Mets got outplayed.

"It was a long road trip, an emotional road trip. It’s still no excuse for going out and losing games. We still have to find ways to win games down the stretch. There are going to be days we get outplayed and today we got outplayed in every area of the game." —David Wright [New York Daily News]

Asked if he wanted a day off.

"Hell no." — Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]

Going by interleague win-loss record, wouldn’t that be the AL?

"I don’t know if there is a higher league, but he needs to be moved up." —Matt Harvey [New York Daily News]

That’s why your position is ‘Batting Third.’

"I fielded like garbage today. I just didn’t play very well. I didn’t. I was very fortunate that the team even gave me an opportunity in that last inning because I wasn’t playing very well."Daniel Murphy [ESPN]

This team doesn’t stop with the surprises.

"I didn’t think I would hit a home run, but I was trying to. I was surprised." —Daniel Murphy [New York Daily News]

I’m getting ripped off, my driver just drives.

"Yes, I’m aware [of Mets fans wanting to re-sign me] because my driver usually tells me what’s going on." —Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]

Happy enough to take a discount?

"I was very surprised with the way the fans received me. I’m very happy here. This has been the most complete team that I’ve been a part of. So I’m definitely really happy to stay here. I feel really good about being here." —Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]

He added, ‘and if they’re willing to pay.’

"I’m actually the person who told them to change [the clause in his contract.] It only gave me five days for the Mets to sign me after the World Series [at which point I couldn’t return to the Mets until next May 15], so I wanted it changed so that it’s not just within those five days. So even during the offseason, they can sign me if that’s what they want." —Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]

How good of an offer?

"A team like the Mets, if they give him a good offer, he’s going to stay. He wants to compete; that’s what’s most important to this kid. He wants to be a part of that. That’s why he’s doing good over there, because he knows they have a good chance to go to the playoffs or even go all the way through." —Ariel Prieto, Cespedes’s interpreter in Oakland [New York Times]

Weird, a Mets player speaking nicely about the organization.

"They’ve really supported me. I feel like I’m with family."Yoenis Cespedes [New York Times]

Wait, Terry gets his information about the postseason roster from the newspaper?

"I’ve read a lot of stories about [Steven Matz] being a guy that’s going to be on the postseason roster, has a chance to be on the postseason roster. You might as well get a little taste of what it’s going to feel like." —Terry Collins [New York Post]

For context, the article states that Sandy Alderson, John Ricco, Paul DePodesta, J.P. Ricciardi [via the phone] and Jeff Wilpon were in a room discussing making the Cespedes trade. So, who do you think leaked the information about this meeting?

"Go for it." -Jeff Wilpon giving Alderson final approval to make the Cespedes trade [New York Times]

Need more reasons to like Familia.

"It has changed the whole way I think, my whole outlook on life. Before, I used to wonder how my mom and dad could love me so much. And then I became a father myself, and I see why the care so much, and they could love me that much."Jeurys Familia [New York Daily News]

"When I walk out of the clubhouse doors, I relax with (my family), and I leave it behind. Add the baby to that, and it’s all forgotten, once I step out of those doors." —Jeurys Familia [New York Daily News]

"The opportunity that came along with that responsibility, was knowing he had to work for something, and not being just another guy having fun." —Ricky Bones [New York Daily News]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"99.8% as of todays date in 2007 per BP odds. The sky is not falling. All of you with this "we’ve won it already" is mildly disconcerting. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it or some such thing…I'm being a realist…" —jonathan.kiersky

AA Quote of the Week

"The idea that realism = pessimism is one of the most tragic developments in philosophical thought." —BK_Machetero3191