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The 2015 Mets are undefeated in their camouflage uniforms

The Mets are undefeated on Mondays at home this season, which means that they're undefeated when wearing their 'Military Monday' uniforms.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets have been good at home in 2015, something that has been far from true the last couple of years. The Mets have also had uncanny success on Mondays this year, posting a 15-2 record overall, including both home and road games. The Mets haven’t lost at home on a Monday since September of last year, something that is obviously just a statistical anomaly, except for one small possibility: Could the ‘Military Monday’ camouflage uniforms be the key to the Mets’ home Monday success this year?

Yes, it’s true—the 2015 Mets are perfect when wearing the incredibly ugly, color-scheme-breaking camo jerseys and hats. They've played eight home games on Mondays in 2015 and, excusing the home opener—when the team didn’t wear the special uniforms—the Mets won all seven games while blending in with the local flora.

This is the second year of the Mets’ ‘Military Monday’ promotion, which includes free tickets to active and retired military personnel, a pre-game honoring of a member of the military, and more. It is a wonderful promotion no matter how you look at it—except if you have to actually look at the team playing those games, as the uniforms are an unremitting eyesore.

Last year, the team did not fare so well in their military garb, as they went 4-4 at home on Mondays in 2014. In 2013, the year before the uniforms were introduced, the Mets were 4-4 at home as well, although there was a Monday evening rainout that resulted in a loss the next day, so you could consider them 4-5 at home if you wish.

Now that this promotion is finished for the year, our eyes can breathe a sigh of relief, as the jerseys have been retired until 2016.