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This Week in Mets Quotes: David Wright has two words for Freddie Freeman, Collins on the Mets' disappointing homestand

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty much sums up how most the fan base feels.

"It's hard [to sit your pitchers.] We've waited since I've been here, so we've waited five years to be in this situation and now you've got your No. 1 pitcher, who you've got to watch what he does....You suck it up and move on and get ready for the next day." -Terry Collins [Newsday]

Pretty much sums up how most the fan base feels about Freddie Freeman.

"Fuck you." -David Wright to Freddie Freeman after reaching on a RBI single to tie the game [Deadspin]

Oh, don’t worry it was playful.

"I am angry at [Freddie Freeman]. He hit a two-run double and a three-run homer. I am angry at him, but more in a playful way." -David Wright []

Well at least when our young pitchers get hurt and we blow this lead, we’ll know who to blame.

"A young guy like that has to be fun for the Mets. They are leading the division and playing good baseball. It has to be fun knowing you have those [young pitchers] for a long time." -Carlos Beltran [New York Post]

This one is going to hurt, but you've got to feel for Harper on this one.

"I mean, Manny [Machado] freaking hit a homer and walked it off, and somebody drilled him. It’s pretty tired. It’s one of those situations where it happens. I don’t know. I’ll probably get drilled tomorrow. We’ll see what happens." -Bryce Harper [Deadspin]

But what about the pressure of playing in NYC?

"[Regarding if Cespedes is worried about his current slump.] The only thing I'm scared of is death. [Pauses] I'm not scared of [death]." -Yoenis Cespedes [ESPN]

Meh, I’m not too inspired.

"Let’s go back and get on the road and see if we can rekindle some energy and have a good road trip and finish this off." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

Never mind, now I’m inspired.

"It’s always good when that magic number shrinks. Ultimately we’d like to play better and have that magic number shrink because we’re winning, and not have to have it shrink because they’re losing. I think this is our first losing homestand all year. We’ve played well at home. Lately we’ve played really well on the road. So hopefully we continue to be those road warriors." -David Wright [ESPN]

Meh, it does seem like the team is playing tight.

"I'm shocked [about the Mets' slide in run production at home.] We were swinging great. Coming home with the lead we had, nobody needs to be uptight. For me, it looks like we're tight." -Terry Collins [Newsday]

Never mind, the team wasn’t tight.

"No, I don't think we're tight. There's going to be games when you get outplayed. We need to do a better job of winning series at home. It seems like the last couple series have gotten away from us. It's not making excuses. The Yankees played well against us, and Miami had won five straight series coming in here. I don't sense anybody is tight in here. It's playoff baseball. There's going to be a little pressure. We're trying to make a push. But I don't sense it carrying over to the field." -David Wright [Newsday]

So can you start saying that to Colon and Verrett too?

"I told [Jon Niese], ‘I need right now two of the best starts you’ve ever made,’ and he gave us one tonight. This is a game we needed to have and Jon gave it to us." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

As opposed to Colon? Neise? Gee?

"If we get in the postseason, as I’m sitting here, Noah Syndergaard will be starting one of the first few games. I saw a guy who threw the ball very well against an outstanding lineup, especially against right-handed pitching." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

Ryan Howard said the same thing after hitting a home run off Noah, guess the media likes setting them up to humble brag.

"I think [Noah Syndergaard] will be all right. He was very impressive today. A good arm." -Brian McCann [New York Post]

In case someone needed an update on if Matz was having fun.

"That was the most fans I've ever pitched in front of and the crowd was pretty electric. It was pretty fun, though. Once I stepped onto the mound, it was a lot of fun." -Steve Matz [Newsday]

Everyone should take the time to read Sam Borden and Tim Rohan’s piece trying to find Noah Syndergaard’s Viking Roots in Denmark.

"The name of the team is the Mets? We sometimes have Yankees hats, but that’s it." -Denmark man [New York Times]

"I only started paying attention to baseball about 10 years ago, and I always liked New York, but everyone in the whole world likes the Yankees, so I figured I would support the Mets. When I saw Syndergaard’s name for the first time this year, I said to myself right away, ‘He must be from Denmark.’ It’s pretty great to see." -Jesper Jensen [New York Times]

"Noah Syndergaard, Heidi Syndergaard, sometimes signs emails as "Jord," the mother of Thor." [New York Times]

"[When Noah takes the mound, he pretends to pick up Thor’s hammer, a mental trick he learned from the Mets’ team psychologist.] It’s kind of a trigger point for me to lock in" -Noah Syndergaard [New York Times]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"We thought 2015 would make us forget about 2007 We just didn’t know how. I’m predicting that the Mets won’t even be in first place on the morning of October 2. Nats will go 9-1 and Mets will go 2-8 in that time." -MauryFeldman

AA Quote of the Week

"I think when guys are pros and we have so many older players. I think most of them can reset after any bad stretch. It’s like how players in 0-30 stretches always think they’re gonna get 4 xbh’s the next game they start. Or how Dillon Gee can give up 10 runs in 2 games and be 100% sure he’s gonna throw 8 innings of 2 run baseball if the mets just give him the chance the next game. Especially in a season as long as baseball I don’t think most players or teams would be able to play at this level if they weren’t always 100% confident they were one swing away from turning it around. Which also I think being on a long hot streak coming in can help but I don’t think the opposite is really true. And I think you can start hot streaks in the play offs." -Gina