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Jon Niese and Bartolo Colon could see bullpen work once Mets clinch division

Given the recent struggles of the Mets bullpen, the starting pitchers could be moved to the bullpen for the playoffs.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, the Mets are almost certainly going to the postseason with a starting rotation of Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Steven Matz.

Because of enough off-days between games, playoff teams typically only use a four-man starting rotation, leaving Jon Niese and Bartolo Colon without a job in the Mets' first postseason run since 2006. But instead, Terry Collins said today that both starting pitchers could get some bullpen work once the team clinches the NL East.

Niese, who has put up a 4.16 ERA and a 1.387 WHIP, doesn't have dramatic splits, but could possibly serve as the LOOGY that the Mets have struggled to establish all year.

Colon, who has put up a 4.15 ERA and a 1.235 WHIP this year, could serve as a long-man in relief, especially if Matt Harvey is under pitch or innings limits during his starts and Carlos Torres is still having issues with his calf.

Terry Collins is likely going to use the week or so after the Mets win the division to see how Niese and Colon pitch out of the bullpen. One, both or neither of them could find themselves pitching in relief in the postseason, depending on how they do next week.