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Ruben Tejada has hit well for the Mets since August

After a slow start to the season, Ruben Tejada has turned in a good two months of play during August and September.

Elsa/Getty Images

At the beginning of the 2015 season, Ruben Tejada was passed over the for shortstop job in favor of Wilmer Flores. This left Tejada as a utility infielder, spelling Flores at short while also spending time at second base and even third base. He's been getting more playing time of late, though, and since August he has greatly improved his offensive numbers.

From the beginning of the season through the end of July, Tejada had a batting line of .257/.324/.347 with two home runs and a wRC+ of 89 over 274 plate appearances. That batting average is identical to his career mark, while the on-base percentage and slugging percentage are both slightly lower than his career marks of .349 and .357, respectively. He was walking in just 7.7% of plate appearances while striking out in 17.5%.

But since August, Tejada has improved in essentially every category. His batting line for these two months is .304/.413/.402. His walk rate has jumped to 14.7% and his strikeout rate has dropped to 11.9%. His wRC+ over that time is 130, which is elite for a shortstop and good for any offensive player.

This offensive explosion—by Tejada's standards, at least—over the past two months has pushed his season line to .270/.349/.362, well above his career averages and quite good for a shortstop generally. Whatever Tejada adds on offense is gravy considering the collection of formidable bats alongside him in the lineup, but the last two months have nevertheless been a welcome surprise and, one can hope, a portent of good things to come.