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Let's make a Mets postseason roster!

Pick the 25 players you'd take to the NLDS if you were in charge.

Elsa/Getty Images

For the first time in many years, we here at Amazin' Avenue are looking forward to something other than the Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest—better know as the AAOP—at the end of September. The New York Mets have won the National League East, and they're set to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the best-of-five National League Division Series late next week, assuming the Dodgers wrap up their division.

Thanks to several trades and the promotion of multiple top prospects, the Mets have a legitimate roster crunch as they set things up for the playoffs. Rosters expand at the beginning of September, but they go back down to 25 players for the playoffs. The roster can be changed before each round of the playoffs, so specifically we're talking about the NLDS roster here.

There are plenty of obvious choices here, but we'll set the survey so you have to choose all 25 players. While it's possible for the Mets to use any player who was in the organization on August 31, we'll assume all 25 players are coming from the current active roster.

We've ended voting for the community postseason roster, but we'll post the results shortly!