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Mets injury update: X-rays on Yoenis Cespedes's hand are negative


Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Breathe a sigh of relief, Mets fans: The x-rays on Yoenis Cespedes’s left hand have come back negative. The Mets say that Cespedes has a contusion on two fingers on his left hand.

Cespedes was hit by a pitch in the third inning of the Mets’ game in Philadelphia, as a pitch from Justin De Fratus came up-and-in. Cespedes checked his swing, but he couldn’t get his hands out of the way of the ball.

If Cespedes had broken a bone, he obviously would have missed significant time, and even if the Mets were to make a deep run into the playoffs, he might not have been able to come back in time to join them. But that’s a moot point now, as the outfielder who Mets fans fell in love with in August and September sounds like he’ll be around for the postseason.

In other words, Mets fans: thank goodness! That past hour was a tough one.