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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 137: Matt Harvey Omnibus

You know it got crazy when we have to record the same show a day later because that much changed in 24 hours.

Run Time: 1:58:42

In the "Well, guess we are re-recording on Saturday" edition, Jeffrey and Steve discuss the sound and fury around Matt Harvey's innings limit, and then a probably anti-climactic bit about the Brooklyn Cyclones, because Jeffrey saw them this week. Next, Chris talks to Marc Carig of Newsday about the Mets hot August and what the future may hold for the 2015 Mets. Nothing about Matt Harvey though, because that was recorded on Thursday. Then, Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated is here to discuss if the Mets are actually good, if it matters, and why the Nats haven't been good. There is some more Matt Harvey talk here too. Finally we wrap up with your e-mails, and a brief IFK Goteborg update.

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